1) What was our Principal's name?
Eli Saucedo
John Abraham
Will Pikett
Colin Powell
2) Who was the Class of 1994 Valedictorian?
Andy Owen
Bess Leggett
Peter Powers
Angela Saucedo

3) Which year did PCA win the football state championship?
4) Who was the Class of 1997 Valedictorian?
Miriam Chamberlain
Josh Connor
Ryan Smith
Jon Pikett

5) Who was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" in 1995?
Chad Adams & Lisa Oberg
Andrew Walker & Misty Svoboda
Daron Farmer & Amber Mancuso
6) Who was the Salutatorian for the class of 1996?
Amanda McDaniel
Stephanie Gregory
Matt Price
Mike Wright

7) Who was voted the "Homecoming Queen of 1995"?
Jamie Fraga
Lisa Oberg
Amber Valdez
Bethany Connor
8) What was the PCA mascot and its name?
Pacer and "Rowdy"
Panther and "Petey the Panther"
Pacer and "Pouncer the Pacer"

9) Which school was PCA's arch rival?
Waco Christian